除此之外,我还精通Python,C++,Java等多种编程语言(半年前才听说过SCRATCH)。我玩过很多费肝的整合包,比如说Sky Factory4,Project Ozone: a New Way Forward等。我也是特别能肝。我精通英语,服务器里见过我的人因该都知道。


    Hello everyone, my name is Tank1014. I am eleven this year, and I am a sunny youth. I succeeded in redstone and building. And I very well understand what BUG feature goes where. I came from the inside server of TIS, I mainly build railroads. I am a little newbie on SunnySide, I came here less than a month. I hope you guys take care of me~

  Also, I am proficient in Python, C++, Java and loads more(I've only heard of Scratch only like half a year ago). I've played my way through lots of very long and hard mod packs. For example, Sky Factory 4, Project Ozone: a New Way Forward and so on. I am pretty stable and can work for hours long. I succeeded in English, anyone who've met me in the server probably knows.